Club Rides / Race Schedule




Snow Dawg

Saturday Feb 21 @ 8am

Group Ride

Saturday Oct 08 @ 1pm

Chubby Chaser

Saturday Mar 06 @ 8am

Team Roster

Ralph Eberspacher

R.J. Morris

Mick McDill

Ben Parman

Bobby Binckes

Heather Haaland

Clint Knapp

Daniel WIlliams

Kevin Dolinar

Clint Jones

Colt Jones

Brad Ells

Tori Royle

Tami Perrin

Rachel McCrary

Suzanne Akin

Stacy Driskell

Mike Sokol

Shawn Ward

Josh Cameron

Jeff Sergi

Richard Crate

Paul Hansen

Andre Breton

Eric Swab

Des Yap

Jack Haley

Mitch Wood

Ty Fulcher

Valerie Collins

Toby Wright

Dian Hansen

Steve Lacey

Kent Winters

Chris Herron

Brad Brown

Bill Bottom

Alex Inzer

JJ Hannah

Doug Kling

Sara Sheets

Joe Menetre

Libby Sergi

Erin Bisenius

Bill Frielingsdorf

Joe Perrin

Nate Hines

Phil Fraser

Dan Klingelhofer

Nick Doyle

Richard Thorton

Torey Lenoch

Gail Hogeland

Jay Risk

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